Thursday, 28 March 2013

Mixed Bhajias (Fried pokoras)

Today is the start of my busy Easter break.  My son is home from Uni and he and his friends have been doing the rounds of spending time at each other's homes.  8 of them are spending Good Friday and Saturday morning with us so it will be a busy time for me BUT fun too as I am keen to cook some new dishes and see whether they enjoy them.  I find that it's always more fun cooking when you have a people visiting.   For that reason, I spent most of evening tidying up and shopping.  I wasn't in the mood for eating a full Indian meal after all that hard work so decide to make a mixture of bhajias.

I made my favourite maru bhajias and Onion bhajias.

I also make some fenugreek bhajias and rice and onion bhajias for which recipes will follow soon.

I served these hot and spicy bhajias with a tamarind sauce and finished the meal with a slice my almond barfi and a hot cup of chai.

Tomorrow's starter is butternut squash soup served with hot French bread  For the main course I will be serving cannelloni with roast potatoes, green beans and a rocket salad.  To finish the meal we have New York Cheese cake  - so watch this space for all the recipes. (Not to mention the Graze box of crisps and pop corn that gets eaten during the night!!)

Have a great Easter Break and enjoy your Easter eggs.

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