Tuesday, 1 June 2010

What can you do with leftover Spaghetti?

Want not - waste not is my motto.   I hate any food being wasted as I know that there are so many people in the world who are starving.   So whenever, I end up making extra spaghetti  - I know it won't get wasted.  This recipe was created by my father in law .  He used the leftover spaghetti  to make a sweet  - something similar to "Gujarati sev".  His recipe turned out great and we now call it "bapuji's sev recipe" and we never have to waste any spaghetti.  Here's my recipe for making "bapuji's sev recipe"  from left over spaghetti.   Lately, we have started using the angel hair spaghetti which is really easy to cook and very tasty.  This recipe works great with it.


One bowl left over angel hair or similar spaghetti (roughly 3 cups)
1 tablespoon ghee (or add some butter)
2 -3 tablespoon jaggery ( you can use more if you have a sweet tooth)
a pinch or two of cardommon powder
half cup water]
sliced almonds and pistachios to decorate the dish.


1.   Add the ghee to the  jaggery  and warm the two until the jaggery starts to melt.
2.   Add the water to this mixture and wait for it to boil.

3.   Add the spaghetti and cook until all the water evaporates. This procedure should be done on medium heat so that the spaghetti absorbs the sweet flavours.  Keep stirring it every so often.
4.   Add the cardommon and mix well.
5.   Transfer to the serving dish and decorate with sliced almonds and pistachios.
6.   This dish tastes best if served hot with some vanilla icecream.

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"This recipe is being reposted for the Scrumptious Delights From Leftovers Event being hosted by PJ from Seduce your Taste Buds."



  1. This is a very interesting and a sweet way to use leftover spaghetti :-)

  2. Wow what an innovative dish ,looks delicious.

  3. what a unique way to use spaghetti..very interesting and sounds good too

  4. this is a wonderful post ....nice way of using spaghetti


  5. That's such an innovative recipe!!!Thanks for sending it to the event Mina :)


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