Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Puran puri and Peas and potato curry

Last Thursday's Evening Standard had an article about a blog called "Eating the year Blog" where the blogger Virginia Patania photographed all her meals evryday and blogged about it.  I thought that that was a great idea and might try to do something similar but at the same time - give you a link to the recipe for people who may be interested.

Todays's dinner was Puran puri which is a chapati made with sweet lentils stuffing. It is the festival of  Holi  so I wanted to make a sweet dish which the whole family could enjoy.

For the curry option - I made a simple peas and potato curry (mutter bateta nu shak). This curry is one of my favourites and goes well with puran puri..  It's also very quick to make this which is great when you work long hours.  Traditionally puran puris are served with a curry, rice and Kadhi (a yogurt soup).  As I mention the combination, I realise that my blog does not have the recipe for Kadhi which I shall post soon.  For that reason too, I am appreciating this Post.

I also made some plain rice to go with  the meal.  I just realised that I have never posted a recipe for  plain rice so I shall be posting that soon.

Most Indian meals are served with chutneys or salad.  I made some onion and tomato and fresh ginger salad which we call Kachumber. (Recipe for the salad dressing will be posted soon)

We always eat our meals as a family round the table.  We feel that its so important for a family to sit and eat together every day.  We enjoyed this hot and delicious meal talking about our day and listening to the Radio. 

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  1. Delicious and lovely looking puran puri and peas. Lovely preparation.

  2. Wow it was just awesome... Bookmarked

  3. Mina the dishes r awesome and yummilicious and droolworthy. I am very hungry looking at the lovely pictures.

  4. when i saw the name i thought its something deep fried, love this puran poli, delicious curry and wonderful spread there.


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