Sunday, 17 June 2012

Shrikand (Indian sweet) : Cheat recipe using curd cheese

Today was fathers day and I wanted to make a sweet that everyone in the family would enjoy but at the same time could be made very quickly. I learnt this quick and easy cheat recipe for shrikand years ago from my aunt.  I was young and newly married and didn't know much cooking but I could easily make this quickly with a simple curry and puris. My recipe for traditional shrikand is here.

Ingredients for 4-6 servings:

3 containers of Curd cheese  which equal to 3 cups (Each container is 227 grams which is equal to one cup)
½ cup of ground sugar (Just grind it in the coffee maker)
seeds of 2 pomegranates
1 teaspoon of ground cardomom
½ teaspoon of nutmeg
2 pinches of saffron
10-15 almonds (slice some thinly and some into halves)
2-3 teaspoons of chocolate chips (optional)


1.  Save some nuts and pomegranates for garnishing.

2. Add the curd cheese, sugar, nutmeg, cardamom, pomegranates and saffron into a food mixer and mix well. (you can do this by hand in a bowl too).

3.  Remove into a bowl and decorate it with the pomegranates and almonds. If you like you can add the chocolate chips too.

4. You can also serve it on cookie bases or just layer the shrikand with any fruit in a tall glass.

Enjoy it as much as we did.

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  1. Oh it does look easy and so divine. Only thing is, I've never heard of curd cheese. I'm wondering if there is a substitute?

  2. Wow this looks just perfect....

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  3. yum yum shrikhand perfect dessert for get together treats..

  4. Nice recipe and beautiful presentation!


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  5. quick and delicious shrikand..loved the presentation!

  6. love it. would like to eat with some puris

  7. wow...loved the srikhand !!!it has come out so well!!!!!!!


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