Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Spicy sauted potatoes with sweetcorn and peanuts

There are thousands of varieties of potatoes in the World and most of us will have certain favourites for certain dishes.  Most of us who cook regularly, will have worked out which potatoes to use for curries, chips, etc.etc.   The ones I used for this recipe are the ones used mostly for making Jacket potatoes - a  variety called Estima.  These potatoes can be baked or boiled and really make great Jacket potatoes.  I love having Jacket potatoes as a quick snack but sometimes, I prefer to have them spicer with a hint of Indian spices.   One of the ways of making the potato spicer is to sauté it with the spices. Everytime, I make this, I experiment with the spices and condiments.  Please use this recipe as a guide but enjoy trying out different varations.


2 large Jacket potatoes
½  cup of  sweetcorn
½ cup of peanuts
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon of oil
1 teaspoon of cummin seeds
some fresh coriander (optional)
1 green chilly (optional)
2 teaspoon lemon and 1 teaspoon sugar to taste (optional)
honey mustard sauce to taste (optional)
Grated cheddar or mozarella cheese (optional)


1.  Wash the potato and  score it in the middle with a sharp knife.

2.  Boil the potatoes in a saucepan of water or wrap them in a wet kitchen paper and cook them in the microwave.  I prefer to steam them in a pressure cooker.

3. Once cooked, peel the potato, cut them into cubes and allow to cool for 5 minutes.

4. In a frying pan, heat  1 tablespoons of oil and add the cumin seeds.

5.  Add the peanuts and allow them to brown slightly.

6. Now add the sweet corn .  Add the salt and pepper to the sweet corn.

7.  Add in the potatoes and stir well.

8. Add the sugar and lemon and fresh coriander (and the green chilly if you like hot food) to the potatoes.  If you like honey mustard, add this just before serving the dish.

9. Allow the potatoes to sauté well.

10.  Serve this hot.

11.  If you like cheese, you can sprinkle some grated cheese on top of your potatoes.

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  1. Mina, this sounds DELICIOUS!!

  2. Potatoes in peanut and corn is some thing unique and inovative.love the flavour.

  3. Truly drool worthy..yummy yum..looks so tempting...

  4. looking delicious and in navratri this dish will go in fast
    nice change of blog

  5. @Santosh Bangar

    Thankyou Santoshji for your comments. This dish is great during the fast as long as you don't include the sweetcorn,

  6. Wow..that looks super super tempting..nice recipe..

  7. We love potatoes and this dish sounds very tasty. I will have to try using some spices the next time I cook potatoes.

  8. Corn,peanut wonderful combo,very healthy recipe...

  9. Wow what a unique combination here...

    Hamaree Rasoi

  10. Unique and delicious combination.

  11. Nice interesting combo...
    looks delicious dear :)

  12. Wow wonderful looking curry, makes me drool..

  13. looks absolutely tempting and perfect.innovative

  14. Hi Mina,

    Saw your comment on LinkedIn.com's group: Blog Zone. Love your website. I love Indian Food. I am originally from Malaysia, residing in the States now. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I can't wait to try making my own pakora and muruku.

    I have a food blog too. It is http://thenewartofbaking.blogspot.com/
    Do drop by for a visit.




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