Sunday, 30 January 2011

Gujarati Rotlas ( Millet Flat Bread ) Made easy ...

Last July, I posted a recipe for making Rotlas and got several comments telling me how healthy millet was but  lots of people aren't eating it now.  I also got comments telling me that it was quite difficult to make them.  Most Gujarati girls are used to making these regularly.  I am not an expert on making these but have got better as I make them often.  Now, I have found an easier way of making them.  I hope my step by step  pictures will encourage more of you to try out this recipe.   Please follow my recipe here for making the dough.

Once you have made the dough, keep it covered with a dish cloth as the dough tends to dry quickly.

1.  Take a thick plastic bag like a Zip lock bag and cut its sides.

2.  Place the plastic bag on your work top.

3.  Place a small ball of millet dough and place it between the bag.  The dough has to be between two sheets of plastic.

4.  Using a rounded bowl, gently press the dough into a circle.

5.  Make  your perfect circle as below:

6.  Lift up the plastic.

7.  Pick up the rotla

8.  Gently place it on a hot tava or frying pan or griddle.  Make sure you don't trap any air when placing it to cook on the tava.  The tava should be on medium heat.  Only turn it on the second side once it comes off the tava.  If it doesn't come off the tava, it's not ready.

9.   Once cooked, spread some ghee or butter on them before serving them with any curry.  Traditionally they are served with Aubergine Bharta (recipe at:  

10.  I made several small bite size ones as they were a lot easier to cook, plus it gave more of my guests a chance to try them out. 

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  1. Looks perfect and healthy.Delicious.

  2. Mina rotlas look delicious nad the easy step by step instructions are really useful. I love the new blog header and look it looks really wonderful.

  3. wow!!!!that looks delicious. healthy too

  4. Nice step by step pictures ...
    We like bajra and jowar rotis especially in the winters and a churma made with ghee and jaggery is a favorite.

  5. @sangeeta

    Thank you for your comments. We love the churma too.

  6. awesome and mouth watering rotlas.I am coming over to grab them soon.

  7. Looks like a very healthy recipe. Well explained with step by step pictures, really easy to follow :)

  8. Really a healthy roti,Shapes of roti is so perfect.

  9. GR8 discription.....Lovely Rotlas...we call it as a Bhakri in Marathi.

  10. sounds new to me..
    Thx. for sharing...
    nice illustrated clicks :)

  11. Looks great, I like the idea of using plastic to make it as they break easily otherwise.

  12. Millet dough can easily put one off. I usualy use a similar technique. I use cling flim instead of the zip lock bag. certainly makes it easier and encouraging.

  13. @Veena

    Glad to know that cling film works fine too.


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