Saturday, 29 May 2010

Home made plain yoghurt

Housewives in India and Africa make homemade yoghurt all the time.  They do it as a routine and without a yoghurt maker or a thermometer.  Homemade yoghurt  is a healthy source of protein, calcium, magnesium, and other essential vitamins, whose active bacterial cultures aid in digestion. You can make yoghurt in your own home for a fraction of the cost of the typical store-bought type and it requires no special equipment 

Like most things homemade, yoghurt you make yourself is just better.  It tastes better and has no artificial preservatives.

For making yoghurt, you need a starter yoghurt. Starter yoghurt is yoghurt that has been made with active live cultures; this is the friendly bacteria that will turn your milk into yoghurt. You can buy a small container of  plain yoghurt at the grocery to use for this purpose. Make sure that the container says  Made with live cultures or something of this nature.


Milk:  1 pint milk (you can use semi skimmed or full fat milk)
Small pot of live yoghurt to use as the starter culture.


1.   Boil the pint of milk.

2.   Allow the milk to cool down.

3.   Lots of recipes will give a temperature of 45 degrees which is right for making yoghurt.   I just dip my finger in the milk and make sure the milk is warm to touch.

4 .  Add 2 tablespoons of live yoghurt to the milk and stir. You may find that you need to add an extra spoonful of the culture during the winter months. 


5.   Cover the container and keep in an airtight and warm cupboard. In the winter, I tend to keep my container in the microwave. I also add a boiled kettle next to my container to give the microwave some warmth . Sounds crazy but it works!! I know of friends who keep a hot water bottle next to their container. In hot countries, it is a lot easier to make yoghurt. My suggestion would be make the yoghurt overnight.


6.  This is what my homemade yoghurt looked like:


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  1. Good tip on making yoghurt.I make mine at home too but I place my container in an insulated food server that are so redily available in indian utensil shops and my yoghurt sets beautifully in about 6-7 hours.


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